About "Hong Kong Film Awards Association"


香港電影金像獎於一九八二開始舉行,並於一九九三年十二月正式註冊成為「香港電影金像獎協會有限公司」。金像獎董事局由十四個本港專業電影協會組成,包括香港影業協會、香港電影導演會、香港戲院商會、香港專業電影攝影師學會、香港動作特技演員公會、香港電影編劇家協會、香港演藝人協會 、香港電影美術學會、香港電影剪輯協會、香港電影製作行政人員協會、香港電影燈光協會 、香港電影商協會、香港電影後期專業人員協會、香港電影作曲家協會。董事局每月召開常務會議,解決會內的決策性問題,至於跟進、執行工作和協會內外的行政及管理事務則交由金像獎秘書處負責處理。此外,本會設立專責小組以負責不同的工作事項,每屆由十四個屬會派員參與,力求以最公正的態度廣集多方面的專業意見,令「香港電影金像獎」更為公正及具代表性。

「香港電影金像獎協會」為一非牟利團體 ,祇靠每年的電視臺、電臺廣播版權費及海外發行收入來維持日?;鹃_支。

Brief introduction

"Hong Kong Film Awards" was founded in 1982 and has been incorporated into "Hong Kong Film Awards Association Limited" in December 1993. The Board of Directors comprises of thirteen Hong Kong professional film bodies which includes M.P.I.A., Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, Hong Kong Theatres Association, Society of Cinematographers (H.K.)  Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Hong Kong Screen Writer's Guild, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Society of Film Editors (H.K.), Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association, Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association, Hong Kong Chamber of Films, Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals, Hong Kong Film Composers’ Association. The Board of Directors holds monthly executive meetings to decide on policy-wise matters which will be executed by the secretariat. The Secretariat is responsible for the association's external and internal administration and management, while also arranges sub-committees to hold regular meetings and the execution of related matters. The sub-committees will annually invite professional filmmakers from different fields to participate. We aim at formulate a fair adjudication system and make the award be recognized in the film industry.

Hong Kong Film Awards Association is a non-profit making corporation. The operating revenues of the Award are obtained from the sale of rights to telecast the annual Presentation Ceremony.




The purposes of the Hong Kong Film Awards are to promote Hong Kong films locally and abroad, recognize outstanding achievements, encourage professional development and promote film culture.